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People come to an everyday photography project for so many different reasons, with so many different motivations. Behind the Lens is a monthly series that features Capture Your 365 community members who are focused on photographing and sharing the daily details and routines of their lives.   Cindy Zahorchak, known as mamaz042421, joined our community in January 2013 and immediately grabbed the community’s attention with beautiful pictures of her family.


Meet Cindy Zahorchak.


What sparked your interest in photography?

I’ve always loved pictures. I was an avid scrap booker, collecting all my special memories into creative layouts,  but it was my sister-in-law’s creative eye at photography that sparked my initial interest.  I became fascinated with the natural captures and the creative point of view.  I wanted her style of pictures with MY memories. Then, I wanted her camera! Now after a couple years of photography classes with Katrina Kennedy, I no longer need the adhesive, stickers, and die cuts to help tell a story…my pictures say it all by themselves!

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What camera do you use?

I use the Canon 60D.


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What is your favorite lens?

My favorite lens is the Canon 50mm f/1.4! I don’t have any other impressive lenses in my camera bag at the moment. However, I hope to add a new wide angle lens very soon!


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What makes you happiest about your photography?

What makes me happiest about my photography is being able to capture what my heart feels in a moment of time, savoring a memory down to its tiniest details! I like looking through the lens and seeing what isn’t so obvious. All of a sudden the world looks different through the  viewfinder perspective and an artist’s mind. I love the “lucky” shot, tiny details, beautiful lighting, and my giggling children. Oh and newborns! And while I’m at it, my fantastic camera bag and camera strap. I’m a sucker for accessories!

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I like photography because it can be challenging and there is always something new to learn! I am so grateful for CaptureYour365. Last year, 2013,  was the first year I did CY365, and I absolutely loved the experience. The CY365 community is amazing and so supportive. I would be at a loss without all of you and your inspiration!


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What is your favorite class at Capture Your 365?

I’ve taken them ALL and my favorite has been Exposure. I feel that class really deepened my understanding of how my camera works off of auto and then some! One of my favorite things people say to me when I take their picture is, “Oh, the flash didn’t go off.”  And I can say, “I know!”  Truly, though, you can’t go wrong with any of Katrina’s classes. I learn something new with each and every one of them. I enjoy the webinar sessions and connecting with others who share the same passion for learning as I do. All of Katrina’s classes have opened up my eyes to photography and enriched my knowledge. I look forward to my “Practice” year and gaining new insight and skills, all the while capturing everyday life, slowing it down one memory at a time.

You can follow Cindy’s photography in her CY365 gallery.


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  1. Jennifer Matthews-Jameson

    Love seeing your photo’s Cindy. You have a amazing flare of capturing all the facets of your family and everyday life. From your husband growing out his hair, to your children, family shots, single shots, the animals, your home. Right down to you doing a simple yoga pose … oh the list could go on. I can look at your photo’s and day by day they create one more puzzle piece of what it’s like at Cindy’s house. You have been a true inspiration in helping me define the essence of “everyday life photography” .. Thank you for sharing !

  2. Thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful photos. You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Michele Barbera

    Cindy inspires me with her creative and beautiful photos. Her family photos are so natural and each one tells a story about their life at that moment. It was nice to learn a bit more about Cindy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

  4. Carol E

    I so enjoy Cindy’s photography … beautiful work! So nice getting to learn more about her!

  5. Cindy encouraged me to take a class of Katrina’s and I learned so much. I am currently getting paid to take real estate photos thanks to taking the class! I love Cindy’s photos and look forward to seeing them every day! Oh and Cindy….I just purchased a wide angle lens this summer (better for taking home photos) and I love it!!! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  6. Renee Mealey

    Cindy is my sister and I am so proud of her and all of the photos she has taken this year. She is a true inspiration and mentor in photography for me. I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful pictures she will take this year. Congratulations Cindy on being featured, this is a great honor. Love you!

  7. Sheila Kerfoot

    I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with my cousin Cindy who I haven’t seen in years due to distance. Facebook has reconnected us and I am getting to know Cindy and her beautiful family through her very creative photos. She is an inspiration!

  8. Amy Quinlan

    Cindy has been my friend and neighbor for the last several years! She introduced me to Katrina’s classes when I was looking into expanding my photography skills and knowledge…….and for this I will be always be grateful for! Cindy has amazing talent in capturing those raw moments. I continue to be inspired by her photos and truly enjoy her perspectives through the lens! Congrats, Cindy, for being featured… so deserve it!

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