August CY365 Photo Challenge List | 2016

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I love August. The feel of summer winding down and school starting is in the air. The smell of new school supplies. A new phase of the year for your photos, new memories to capture. I have birthdays to celebrate and my nephew being born! What are you most excited about in August?


How do you use the CaptureYour365 Challenge List?

  1. Download the list
  2. Pick up your camera (any camera)
  3. Shoot – interpret the prompts in a way that works for you
  4. Share as many or as few as you want, this is YOUR project
  5. Repeat
  6. Enjoy!

Read more about where to share, how to use the list, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Want even more support? CY365 Members get early access to the list plus:

  • Daily prompt emails
  • A monthly ebook with all of the month’s prompts
  • Access to our Private Facebook community
  • Monthly member bonuses which have included ebooks, videos, and live webinars.

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