April CY365 Photo Challenge List | 2017

“April showers bring May flowers”

We all know that saying. It’s about the springtime showers but have you thought how it could apply to your life? More often than not, things are always harder at the beginning and get easier with time. Blessings come to those that endure, right? The same can be applied to photography and taking your photo a day. Getting into the habit is hard. Creativity comes with it. Learning your camera is hard. Capturing precious moments quickly comes with it. We can be uninspired. The idea list comes into play with that.

Use April’s list to prompt your ideas. Let it guide you, but not box you in. Let it push you. The prompts don’t have to be taken literally. Use them to inspire you to capture what is happening in YOUR life as this moment.

Join us this month for a journey that will impact your life in ways you never thought possible. You’ll notice small details. You’ll slow down a bit. You’ll savor life just a bit more!

If you are looking for even more inspiration, ideas, and support from a caring community of photography lovers, consider a 2017 CY365 Membership. We’d love for you to join us.

How do you use the CaptureYour365 Challenge List?

  1. Download the list
  2. Pick up your camera (any camera)
  3. Shoot – interpret the prompts in a way that works for you
  4. Shareas many or as few as you want, this is YOUR project
  5. Repeat
  6. Enjoy!

Read more about where to share, how to use the list, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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