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365 is about your life. It is about capturing, documenting, and preserving all that is important to us. People come to this project for so many different reasons, with so many different motivations. Join us as we explore all the options available, are inspired by each others techniques, and learn to make this fit who we each are.

Capturing YOUR life through the lens does not have to be about the most amazing photo ever taken. Your life is uniquely yours and your recording method should reflect that.

365 can be many things to many people.

These posts can help you get started.

How To Use The Project 365 Idea List

10 Ideas for a Photo of the Day Project

Gearing Up For Project 365











  1. Kay O'grady

    How does one get their photos into the area of latest comments.
    Is there a separate way to upload?

  2. How Do I upload my pictures on your sight?

  3. Just completed my first 365 for 2013… Now I need some ideas on what to do with all of those pictures! By the way I’ve enjoyed the daily photo prompt emails, and your website. I have used many of the lightroom tutorials, they have been very helpful!

  4. Katrina~
    Love your website! May I ask you an instagram question? I like to take pics with my iphone and upload them to instagram with text/captions. Do you know of a instagram publishing site that will print both the pics and the text/captions? Thank You!!

    • Hi Amanda,

      I use Blurb to print from Instagram. I don’t know of a way or a publishing company that will grab your text with the pic, but I’m guessing somebody can. I’m going to keep looking since you’re question has intrigued me!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. just found your site ~ awesome. thanks.

  6. Sherry G

    The link does not work. I like what I have seen so far on your site. Thanks!


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