CaptureYour365 is a community for ideas, support, and inspiration for your everyday photography.

You’ll find a welcoming community, a gallery to share your images, and inspiration for your photography and memory keeping.

The Blog includes all of my posts about documenting 365 including photography, scrapbooking, and life moments. You’ll find all of my posts there.

The Community is the spot to ask questions and provide perspective on what 365 means to you – whether you are taking a photo a day, a week or a month. Stuck for an idea? Need motivation? Photography help? Stop by there.

The 365 Gallery is YOUR gallery. Share your 365 photos, pages, and completed books. We’d love to see them.

Looking for something you can’t find? Email me.


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  1. I second Terrence! You ARE just what I needed. I live in a wintery area and become very unmotivated during the colder months. A co-worker and I are going to challenge each other. Thanks for putting all this together!

  2. You’re just what I needed. I was running short on thoughts and what would it take to start a project like this. Your website was a rejuvenated my brain storming! Thanks!

  3. I haven’t received the daily inspiration emails for the past two days so am signing up again. Checked spam folder to see if they were populating there for some reason, but none in spam so I’m not sure of the problem.

  4. Are we allowed to join in to the daily inspired 365 if we are joining late in the year? I love your prompts… but it would be a 250 project at this point. 😉

  5. Quick question, as we save these images on our computer in our POTD folder, do we save only one for each day? Or can we save multiple pictures for each day? What is the intent?

  6. What is the easiest way to have friends and family that aren’t on CY365 to share my photo challenge with them?

  7. I get your daily emails which I love but if I don’t look at it the day it’s sent, I can’t see it … there’s no message in the email; it’s just empty. Do you have any idea why? And is there some way I can go back and see older ones?

  8. This site is great, I’ve been doing my own 365 photo challenge this year and documenting it on my blog. Loving the website so far, will definitely have a closer poke around!

  9. How do i enroll in the 365 project?

    • Hi Joel,

      If you want to take part in the INSPIRED class, click on the INSPIRED icon at the top right of this page. If you just want to join us for a daily challenge click on PHOTO IDEA LIST in the menu bar.

  10. Deb Barrow

    Help!! I can not log on to get my new classes. Not sure what my log in info is. Must have remembered when I signed up!! Please resend to my email so I can access. My computer crashed last month so I lost all information. Thank you!! Deb

  11. Abraham Mendoza

    I am trying to register for the 365 gallery and forum using Facebook but the link isn’t working. I am registered for your Holidays Captured course.

    • Hi Abraham, the Facebook link is not working. Please use the Register account link on the forum and create an account. It can have the same username/password as the main gallery page.

  12. Raquel

    I saw that you are having a summer Exposure class. I am a beginner with the dslr, but would love to learn. Would this class be appropriate for me? Does it cover basics, or too advanced for beginners.

    • Hi Raquel,
      Exposure assumes you have a basic knowledge of manual mode with your camera. If you’ve got that then you are good. If not, I’d recommend Your Life Captured Through The Lens in September of this year. Please let me know if you have more questions.

  13. Deb Barrow

    Katrina, I am out of town and decidec to finish the last session of life class 6, but it doesnt appear to be there ax a link anymore. Is it just because im on a tablet and not my computer?

  14. I found your site through pintrest, I like it a lot!
    I am having trouble seeing how to join to participate in the community section. Am I just experiencing old eyes again lol?

    • Hi Missy! Click on the COMMUNITY tab on the top of the page and it will take you to the spot for community participation. You will need to create an account to sign in and take part! So glad you stopped by!

  15. Nancy Gill

    How do you participate in sharing the photos you take?

  16. Carol Smith

    I found your site through Cathy Zielske’s–you have great photography ideas and I can’t wait to try some. Thank you for the inspiration! :-)


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