10 on 10 | When Getting The Photo Matters Most

I sat in the living room listening to her describe details of her wedding.  You could feel the joy as she spoke. I struggled to get my head around it all. Wasn’t she just the flower girl in my wedding? I can so distinctly recall her wearing my high heels, clopping back and forth to hear the sound they made on the wooden floors.

She was just 5 years old with her precocious grin.

Didn’t I just take her senior photos?

When she left the room Shea told me she didn’t want to ask me to take her wedding photographs. She wanted me to enjoy the wedding.

I had proclaimed no more weddings after the last one.

But this was different.

When I told her I wanted to photograph her wedding. She cried. Real tears.

Weddings are hard. You move quickly. You must direct and observe and find a balance between the two. The day is long and the camera can get heavy.

This wedding was different though. This was my sweet niece. This is the girl who can light up a room with her laugh. This is the girl who is second only to Ian in front of my lens. And she was glowing.

I would shoot this wedding a thousand times. Not just because she’s beautiful inside and out, but because she put care and thought into every detail of her day down to purple tulips she carried in her bouquet because there had been white in mine. This girl.

She’s also, really easy to photograph.

She included succulents in all of her arrangements, not because they are on trend right now, but because her grandpa (my dad) loves them. He took all of them home and planted them for her. He has a special spot in his heart for her. It’s something many of us have in common.


She cut a heart from from my dad’s shirt for her something blue.

And she borrowed a bracelet from my mom, but not before making sure I was able to capture my mom’s reaction.








I love that she made my dad dance with her. Apparently he kept saying, “I don’t dance.” She proved him wrong.

They are so good together. They have found the perfect match.

I’m so honored to have shared her day, but wasn’t she just a little girl?

Thank you for stopping by my 10 on 10 this month. Visit my friend Erica to see her beautiful views.




  1. Sandra Behl

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your photos.

  2. Garnett Hutchinson

    What beautiful shots of a beautiful bride! Very cool details

  3. Amy Jordan

    These are truly beautiful and how wonderful for you to be able to capture her most precious memories after being a part of yours!!

  4. Rhadonda

    Wow Katrina you are a woman of many wonders and talents!! Your beautiful words flow and totally convey your emotion and feeling. Your photos capture all of those emotions and feelings too. Beautiful!

  5. These moments are priceless – she is so lucky to have had you by her side to capture them! Lovely!

  6. Gorgeous all around – the wedding, the photos, the spirit and emotion captured in your post. Beautiful.

  7. Beautiful …

  8. What beautiful photos of your gorgeous niece. I’m sure it was an honor to photograph her special day. These will be photos she treasures for a lifetime. Congratulations to her and the rest of your family.

  9. That is so beautiful – thank you so much for sharing that with us.

  10. gorgeous shots!!! loved them–

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