10 Quick Lighting Tips (for humans and chickens) | CY365 Podcast Episode #23


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Notes From The Show –  Ten Quick Lighting Tips (With or Without a Chicken)

        1. Find indirect light under cover

        2. Learn places to meter and how to meter with your camera

          What’s That Little Line Thingy (how to meter)


        3. Go to your garage

        4. Move your light source or move your subject to the light source

          Playing with Light


        5. Reflect light onto your subject

        6. Get clever – look for light sources. Refrigerators and screens!

        7. Grab your flash


        8.  Diffuse your flash Omni-Bounce

9. Bounce your flash for indirect light


10. Accept some under exposure



What’s your favorite lighting tip? Share in the comments below.


  1. Julie Fuller

    Hi Katrina and Kelly! I know you ladies are busy, but I am dying for a new podcast from you! I have listened to each and every one TWICE! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with next! xoxo

    • Thanks Julie! I love that you love the podcast. We have one set to post on Monday so you don’t have to wait long. I’m juggling some new responsibilities but am not giving up on the podcast! Thanks for having patience with us!

  2. Rebecca Pulsipher

    How would you shoot with LED lighting? What WB would you use?

    I also think it would be interesting to have a discussion on Photography personalities. Such as extrovert vs. introvert

  3. Lee Glasby

    Great podcast, thank you ladies, Kelly, love your chicken photo, and sorry to hear she was having a hard time, but glad she has you to look after her! I love spot metering, I sometimes forget to use any other sort!

    • So glad you enjoyed it Lee! I’m with you on spot metering. (And that’s my chicken btw…I know it seems a little more like Kelly’s world! ;))

      • Lee Glasby

        lol, that just proves that I should not multitask, listen to a podcast whilst doing other things! I will listen twice next time, so that I catch all those things that I miss the first time! Katrina, I really love your chicken photo ;)!!!

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