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When I began taking a photo a day in 2008, I began to see the world differently. After a few days of intentionally taking photos things began to transformed. I noticed light I hadn’t seen before. I saw details I had overlooked before. Colors became more vibrant. Shadows grabbed my attention. The world had a a new luster.

I was eager to create. My enthusiasm felt childlike.

Over time, the habit of taking a photo a day became just that, a habit. The luster wore off. It became mundane. Some days my photos were just done. Nothing more, nothing less.

I grieved the loss of my childlike enthusiasm. I struggled to find it, but it alluded me.

Until this month.

Life changed. Life changed in a big way.


Headed out early in the morning for another test.


Faced with unexpected open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect,  I’ve been through a range of emotions. I’ve cried ( a lot). I’ve questioned why me? I’ve been angry (a lot). I’ve denied there is anything wrong, claiming, “I feel fine.” Okay, I do feel fine, but there is something up.


The necklace I had to cut off before a Transesophageal echocardiography. I’d worn it for 12 years. A big knot made it impossible to take off.


In an effort to counter all these feelings, I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to work through the emotions, but my destination needs to be a positive place. A place that gives my body the extra chance at healing. A place that is a little easier for my family to share with me.

So, I decided to focus on things that make me happy. So I did laundry with happiness because I LOVE when laundry is done. I really love it.


Sometimes your photo of the day just captures the details of the day in a non glamourous way. Notice the cameras?


I watched movies. I dug in the garden. I wore my pajamas all day.

All this while i was being poked and prodded with tests to determine just what was wrong with my heart. An angiogram left me tired and unable to life more than five pounds for the last week. No big camera for me.

And then I stepped into #The 100 Day Project. The idea? Create one thing a day for 100 days. I’ve been doing a 365 project for eight years, why not try 100 days of something?!

I took the advice to do something that felt almost silly. Something that connected with my childhood. Something that almost embarrassed me. I wanted to create. I wanted to learn. I wanted to dive in which childlike curiosity.

So I’m painting. I don’t know how. I don’t know the terms. But I’m doing it.

Learning as I go.

My first painting.

And my second. I thought about it all day. I was so excited to get the time to create. I hadn’t felt that emotion in years.

I’m hiding a little message under the layers of color. Just a little note of encouragement. A reminder about the process of painting…and open heart surgery.

I know what 100 days of something feels like. It won’t always be easy. It won’t always be fun, but I plan to continue to approach it with curiosity and kindness.

And I know that sometimes I’ll cover up everything I’ve done to reveal something else.

And we’ll just see where this takes me. It’s bringing me great joy. Creating to create. No other reason.

And there you have it, my #100daysofmyopenheart, you can see the growing collection on Instagram. I’m loving learning as I go. I’m making mistakes. I’m covering up and settling with what I’ve got. I’m enjoying the practice over perfection. And I’m reminding myself of that, over and over.

It’s about creating. And seeing.


I can do that with a camera. And I can give it a try with a canvas. It might just change the way I feel about my photography again too. And tomorrow I’ll be able to pick up my big camera again!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Now visit my friend Chloe to see her 10 on 10. 


  1. The choice you’ve made to turn something that might defeat another into an opportunity for growth (which is another way to say chosing life) is truly inspiring. For myself, taking a photo a day has taught me more than just how to become a better photographer. (I have even started a blog based around my POTDs!) It’s teaching me discipline, and that is spilling into other areas of my life: a growth opportunity. Now you have given me another idea for growth and I thank you for it. Rest in the fact that so many people will be praying for you. I know I will. ❤❤❤

  2. DeeAnn Feick

    Praying for your doctors’ and surgeon’s’ wisdom and skill, for your recovery and for you to stay strong through it all!!

  3. Jacqueline Lofthouse

    I have been loving your hearts. Each one is beautiful. I think a certain one is my favorite and then you post another one and I love it. I too am sending thoughts and prayers for your recovery and healing. You are an inspiration and motivation to me. With Much Love,

  4. Amy Jordan

    Many thoughts & prayers for you all. I love how you immediately thought to embrace a creative challenge to help get through this – you are an inspiration and your making a beautiful body of work that your family will enjoy for a lifetime!!

  5. Sherri Stone

    Hi Katrina,
    I read this post a bit in shock over your medical condition. I’m so glad that expressing yourself creatively is helping you. You continue to inspire me. ❤️

  6. Jenny Reid

    Katrina, sorry for inadvertently using Kathy, the Samsung predictive text element chooses the wrong wrong regularly & I didn’t double check.Jenny

  7. Jenny Reid

    Dear Kathy,
    Reading your blog, writing or typing your name, makes me feel like I know you personal, which I suppose I do in a way, having followed you for years.You & your family are in my thoughts over this challenging time. One of your followers,Anne, expresses everything so well.Hope all went well and we get to have your emails in my Inbox for many years to come.
    Lots of love & cyber HUGS. Jenny (South Africa)

  8. Kathy

    All the best to you! You are an inspiration!

  9. Luciane Steiner

    Sending positive thoughts and a fast recovery ♥

  10. Great Post! Prayers headed your way! You are an inspiration! 🙂

  11. I have always admired your photography and way of teaching others. Now I also admire the strength you possess and the courage you have to share your journey with us, that you have found a creative way to express yourself is just wonderful. Prayers for you and your family <3

  12. I love your 100 day project and the positive messages!

  13. Carol Elliott

    Love you!

  14. Rhadonda

    I love you my friend! You are such an inspiration to all of us! Way to stretch yourself. Way to work through this phase of life. Way to paint your heart out and in and over and above!! Hugs

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